Make Clicks Better with BetterTouchTool

Fun fact: The first computer mouse was invented in the early 1960s by Doug Engelbart

+ I first discovered BetterTouchTool after a beloved gaming mouse's drivers were no longer updated rendering lost button functionality. BetterTouchTool not only brought that functionality back, it allowed me to customize each button globally or on a per-app basis. I have yet to make the most of the application, but I make use of the better window snapping, adjustable touch areas on magic mouse, and expanded tracking speed.

+ The developer's story is quite inspirational. When I first started using the app, it was free and funded by donations. The developer was constantly making improvements and ensured compatibility with each macOS release, and I soon purchased a donation license. After some time, the developer announced that after feedback from users, they were going to change pricing models to support their endeavor of becoming self-employed. The standard license receives 2 years of updates, and after those two years you can keep using the latest version received, while the lifetime license guarantees updates for the lifetime of the app. It's a very fair model.

+ The app and the developer behind it are a neat reminder that small can be big. One person, one app, affordable price = self-support and increased happiness for thousands of users. Everyone wins. 

Wallpaper by Sean Thomas on Unsplash