Use Git In Terminal with Style

"Git gets easier once you get the basic idea that branches are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert space." - Isaac Wolkerstorfer @agnoster

+ Once I started making a habit of opening Terminal, I began to appreciate the lightweight simplicity of using the command line. Terminal has some built-in themes, but as look-alike text commands stacked I was resorting to clear, negating the history of previous commands. 

+ It wasn't until taking the Udacity course "How to Use Git and GitHub" (that course has since been replaced with "Version Control with Git") that I learned Terminal could be further customized for more legible text and added features.

+ The following instructions are based on the deprecated Udacity course and will help make your Terminal more insightful with style!
  1. Download these files (since the files have a . in front of them, they will be hidden in Finder, see step 2):
    1. .git-prompt-sh (adds an asterisk to indicate change to branch)
    2. .git-completion.bash (adds auto-complete for git commands)
    3. .bash_profile (makes everything work)
  2. For steps 3 & 4, you can use mv in Terminal to move the files or unhide the files in Finder with this keyboard shortcut toggle shift + command + ..
  3. Move .git-prompt-sh and .git-completion.bash to your home directory.
  4. If you already have a file named .bash_profile in your home directory, copy and paste the content from the downloaded .bash_profile to the bottom of it, otherwise move the downloaded .bash_profile to your home directory.
  5. Restart Terminal and enjoy the style! 
+ If you open .bash_profile, the line export PS1=" " controls how the command prompt is displayed, so feel free to customize further and be sure to comment your favorite Terminal tips!


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