Learn CSS Variables with Interactive Screencasts

+ Squirrels are my favorite animal. They have a strong sense of community and are fun to watch, playfully chasing each other or scavenging for forage. Naturally I chose them as the subject for the Animal Trading Card lab, and the lab was my first foray into CSS variables.

+ Scrimba is an innovative way to learn and teach through interactive screencasts: you can click into the video and play with the code. Per, a co-founder of Scrimba offers a free, short and insightful tutorial on the uses and possibilities of CSS variables.

+ After going through the screencasts over breakfast, here is my list for why CSS variables rock like Led Zeppelin:
  •  Easily assign, recall, and change values for things like colors and sizes.
  • Access to the DOM, can be updated with JavaScript or utilized in media queries.
  • Makes code easier to read and well supported in browsers natively.


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