Publish a Website in Five Seconds* with Surge

+ When I started building Willoughby Labs, I knew the first step was to buy a domain. And that's about it. I felt like I was trying to attach a button (my HTML and CSS files) to a shirt (my domain and the world wide web) without thread, and was not ready to heavily research web hosting. I just want to code, yo!

+ Thankfully, I stumbled across Surge: using just one command line, I can publish my files to the web. 

+ After a simple installation, Surge can be run from within any directory. Type 'surge' and all your wildest dreams will come true. You can create a free account directly from the command line and publishing to custom domains is included free.

+ If you're a VS Code user, using the built-in Terminal, you could redesign your entire site and publish those changes all without leaving the editor.

+ As a beginner, Surge is a really simple, no-nonsense way to quickly deploy sites and stay focused on the work without the hosting woes. Thanks Surge!

* It really feels like five seconds.


  1. Anonymous20/9/18 04:45

    Just tried this, it's great! Thanks for writing about it

  2. Thank you for validating! I'm glad it worked out, and happy coding!


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