#100DaysOfCode: Challenge Reboot

"Forget the rules, and learn from first-hand experience instead. There’s so much more to be gained from not knowing how to do things the ‘correct’ way, and learning to do them your own way." 

"…you don't learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing and by falling over."

+ My first attempt at the #100DaysofCode challenge ended after I couldn't keep up with the rules. I was still coding frequently, but it was mostly for my Grow with Google / Udacity Challenge Scholarship and not for personal projects. On a push from @AmazingSpeciali, I felt the challenge worth a reboot, with my own set of rules and goals.

+ My challenge is to take action toward something developer related and write about it: whether it's coursework, discussion of industry topics, software, or side projects…as long as I'm engaging my passions and interests by learning and sharing, I feel these rules are still within the spirit of the challenge. 

+ As part of the reboot and in preparation for the beginning of the Grow with Google / Udacity Front-End Web Dev Nanodegree Scholarship program, I've done a clean install on my computer; it's a good chance to start fresh and explore new apps. Now that I know a bit more from the challenge course, I have a better idea of the tools and features that might interest me. Going through documentation again helps see if an app is worth continuing to use or whether to trying something else. 

+ The nanodegree program starts on April 24th so I'm going to spend the next day preparing my workspace and learning more about the features of the applications I intend to use.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash